Tuesday, 14 February 2012


this morning i got up early to post a package to my valentine. but, since it was 8:30 by the time i got into town, i had to wait around until 9 for the post office to open for business which was kind of annoying since my lecture started at 9, but i ended up making it in time anyway, so don't worry about that. :)

while i was waiting, i went to fenwick and browsed their mac counter for a little bit. since it is valentine's day, i was already wearing my viva glam i which i wore to my sister's wedding last summer. it's this really deep, retro red and it worked with the 40's glam style i went for that day. :) but, since it's so deep, it's not really... i don't want to say daytime appropriate since what red is, but it's definitely more of a special occasion wear, if that makes sense?

so, a little bit of browsing, and i located the one. a gorgeous matte red that was just bright enough to be wearable during daytime too! its name is ruby woo and i picked it up, paid and then went to post my package.

ruby woo
i wore viva glam i all through my lecture since i'd rushed to get there and hadn't had any time to try it on, i had to wait 'til i got home to test it out. but i made sure to get a photo first and that's what you can see above!

it's a retro matte (that's actually what the type of lipstick is called, 'retro matte') so i took off what i'd been wearing and put on some lipbalm (carmex!). then i waited a little while for that to sink in and finally put it on! it's seriously just love. :) i really do love this lipstick, but i couldn't follow my cupid's bow with a pucker like i normally do. :( i had to stretch out my mouth in a sort of reverse smile because it needed a firm surface before any colour came out! when they say matte, they really mean it!

i tried a million photos to get the colour and this still isn't it. the brightness of this red is something that my camera really hated. some of the pictures look like i've photoshopped it on, it's so bright!

so, this is my new favourite everyday red, i think. :) i won't wear it every day, but i'll definitely wear it a lot. this isn't a beauty blog, i promise. i just didn't have anything else to post about, really!

happy valentine's day! x

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