Tuesday, 31 January 2012

missing home

i've just been talking to my mum and dad on skype and they were being normal, you know, vaguely irritating, but i still miss them. and mum sent me pictures of my two dogs, fluffy, who's 15 years old, and godiva, who's 4 years old.
i wonder sometimes if it's bad that i miss them the most! i didn't say goodbye properly, i don't think, when i left home for canterbury after the christmas holiday. i fully expect godiva to be cross and ignore me when i get home for a day like she did the last time i visited for a weekend!
i think it was probably obvious, but here are the pictures. fluffy is the shih tzu (although we've never let her hair get long) and godiva is the pug!

really unexpected beauty

i was out and about on the way to my singing lesson which meant walking down the highstreet when i spotted that the resident chalk bandit had struck again. i've seen him once before and that was actually on friday night after we'd all come back from the graduation ceremonies. i've not graduated yet, by the way, we were just singing with cantata.
i'm not sure how long this has been going on, but i think that he's been striking over the past few weeks. it's never anything bad, just a bright little mural or something to brighten your day!
so, obviously, because i wanted to look like i was insane to the rest of the world, i crouched down and took a picture of the manhole that he'd decorated. i think it's probably been washed away now thanks to the rainy snow we had around by the uni last night, but i'm glad i got to capture this, even if it is just a manhole! i think this was by an estate agent's, but i don't really remember.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

free range

i'm part of an ensemble called the scratch orchestra that operates out of cccu. sam, who runs scratch, set up a series of experimental music gigs called free range that are free to go to (so long as you book a seat with him first!) at a café called the veg box café. it's impossible to find at night and you have to be in the know or really good at following maps to find it, but during the day, it's a gorgeous place too.
they serve funny things like beetroot brownies and the whole atmosphere is very relaxed and happy. :) it's a gluten free/vegetarian café too, so that scores a lot of points with a lot of people.
scratch did a performance there two thursdays ago. it's a tiny little place but even with all 15 of us in one corner improvising our music in a collaboration with simon dean, there was enough room for 40+ guests. they had to turn some people away, including a few friends of mine (boo!). begging the door man did no good for me.
the gigs happen every thursday and the doors open at 8pm.
the next thing that scratch get to do is a lunchtime concert at the university. i'm really looking forward to it. :)
if anyone wants to hear what scratch's gig was like, click on the link above and go into audio and then pick simon dean & scratch orchestra. if you want to identify me, i'm the only female singer! x


i'm eleanore. i'm a singer, pianist and music student in canterbury's university. i love music, all things vintage, books, makeup and life. i know that last one sounds cliché but who doesn't love it?
i've created this blog in the hope that i can share some of my life, not just for other people, but for me. i'd like to see everything i manage and i'd like to post about it here. if anyone reads it, i hope they'll enjoy seeing these little things too.