Wednesday, 25 April 2012

club and swatches!

I have wanted Club eyeshadow by MAC for the longest time. I'd heard there was a dupe for it in MUA's collection called Shade 12 and I went to Superdrug today only to find that my local doesn't stock it... So, finally, I caved and went across the road to where the only MAC counter I've ever encountered lives. It was a horribly rainy day today and it was literally coming down in sheets and worst of all, it was sideways too. Wind and rain are awful, so I braved quite a lot for this!

Top Row, L to R: MAC Quarry and MAC Bisque; Bottom Row, L to R: MAC Club and MAC Mystery. Out of all the photos, this is the one that is must true-to-life.

I got to the counter looking a bit of a mess and made a beeline for their eyeshadows. I was just going to buy a single Club, I swear. But then I caught sight of the pro palettes and thought I'd get one of the two slot ones instead with two pans, one Club, one Quarry, since I'd been eying that one up too. But then I realised that the palette for two shadows and four shadows cost the same, so it made sense to go for the four instead. Which meant I had to find two other shadows.

L to R, Top to Bottom: Bisque, Mystery, Quarry, Club
In the end, I took home three matte shadows and Club.

I couldn't decide on the other two shadows, so when the shop assistant came to help, it was... well, helpful! She showed me a few very warm shades which would have looked horrible on me and when I explained I wanted my palette to be a one-stop shop sort of thing, she finally suggested cool tones!

I don't know why they're looking purple in this shot... well, Club can look anything it likes since it's a duochrome, but the others are definitely matte brown shades, I promise.
Since I already had two medium-type shadows picked, Quarry and Club, she suggested Brule which, er... didn't show up at all on a hand swatch, so I asked for something more matte and opaque. She showed me Bisque and I absolutely adore it. You can actually see it! And yes, I am that pale. It's almost depressing. She went through a few darks with me, even suggesting a black (yup, that's my colour since I'm a winter, but it wasn't what I wanted) until she finally picked up Mystery, a cool-toned deep, ashy brown colour.

Can you see why I adore Club? It changes in every single picture you take of it. Beautiful!
 They're all very pigmented and you don't need a lot to get the effect you want. This isn't meant to be a makeup blog. :( It's just sort of turned into one! I can't believe I only went in for one and came out with four either! Oh, and there was an offer on for this week only - and they only have offers for MAC once a year in  Fenwick - that was if you buy three eye products, you get a half-price mascara.

False Lashes wand
So, naturally, I picked their false lashes mascara which took it down to the price of a Maybelline mascara from Superdrug, so it wasn't like I was buying something high end at all. Is it bad that I don't really like the packaging? I haven't tried the mascara itself yet, but this feels sort of... like I'm downgrading, almost! I know it's very sleek and grownup, but mascara is the one thing that's always been a crap, throwaway item for me! I'll probably be reaching more for my bright orange Rimmel tube if only because it's more eye-catching!
MAC False Lashes mascara 
Now for some swatches of the shadows! I have no idea why my camera is refusing to let Bisque show up. I can see that it's there in person, and you can vaguely see it on the back of my hand here, but... yes. So, we've got Bisque, Quarry, Mystery, then Club, from left to right. Club is way more multidimensional than it looks here. It's actually a warm and cool colour all at once, looking like a burned reddish brown, shot through with silver and green microshimmer.

I might do a tutorial with these shades soon! My own custom palette. Love. <3