Thursday, 3 May 2012

Fashion Sets Morange

So, this was the stand of the Fashion Sets collection at my local MAC counter. I have a bit of an addiction to the colour orange, so I went home with all three parts of the Morange set. I've never had a nail lacquer by MAC before and I'd just like to say, the bottle is adorable. It's like a miniature version of their foundation bottle. Love it. :)

When I say orange, I mean orange. My picture makes it look red but that's because the lighting's odd. The picture I took in the shop shows the colour a lot better. The confession I have is.. orange isn't really my colour! It washes me out and doesn't suit me at all and I don't know if I could wear it out of the house. And this is coming from one who could wear the dreaded red lip and not have a care in the world.

Morange nail lacquer with Morange lipstick layered under Morange lipglass.
See what I mean? Orange really is not my colour. :( But this is what it all looks like together. I might brave wearing just the glass tomorrow at Scratch Orchestra. Sorry for how short this post has been! Ohh, one thing about the nail paint... I'm good at painting my nails. Really, really good. But this formula, while it dried fast was... a pain in the bum to make work. It dragged and streaked and was a bit bleurgh but I forgive it for the colour! I'll wear orange on my nails any day and not care because it's not by my face to wash me out. Lalala... x

PS: I also have the Russian Set winging its way to me from Debenhams. It'll suit me a lot better until I can gather up the courage to wear this look out of the house. I just love the whole tips-lips matching idea.