Thursday, 2 February 2012

a sweet sunrise with a subtle breeze

i decided when i started this blog that i wouldn't make it a makeup blog even if i am interested in it. that still holds true, but that doesn't mean that i can't share some of the things i bought today. well, actually, they were the only things i bought today, but i love them already.
subtle breeze blush & sweet sunrise lipstick
i'd heard about mac's naturally collection already and decided that i wanted something from it, even if i didn't know what. i asked the sales assistant what she thought and she recommended the lipstick a perfect day and some strange reddish brown blush that would look a lot better on someone with a darker skintone than mine. i suggested that pink tones were better for me and so she wiped off what she'd done and handed over the lipstick sweet sunrise and the blush subtle breeze. they're perfect.
lipstick and blush in action :)
i genuinely cannot believe it. i've found a daywear lipstick that won't make the whole world notice that i'm wearing makeup and a blush that compliments my skintone. and the entire thing together is seriously just... perfect. sweet sunrise is really moisturising and a beautiful colour that brightens up natural lips but still looks natural and the blue tones in subtle breeze really compliment an nw-15 skintone, at least, that's what i thought. :)
this is my perfect day. :P
just one more shot!

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